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Success Story of Kasuri

When the couple heard about Chaitanya, they applied for a loan to expand their tea stall into a small eatery. They got a loan of Rs. 12,000 which they used to rent a place and make the initial investment in their eatery business. They employ 2 helpers on a daily wage basis in addition to both husband and wife working in the eatery. Their family income has gone up from Rs. 3500 a month before they had their own business to Rs. 10,000 a month now after paying all their business expenses.

Success Story of Prabhavati

Prabhavati approached Chaitanya for a 15,000 loan to invest in a rice noodles making machine (popularly called Savige in Kannada). Her business improved from then. In Jan 2014, she again approached Chaitanya for further investment in her business, building some civil structure for her existing business, investing in a flour mill and items for a petty shop and borrowed Rs. 25,000. Although the number of machines and businesses look more, she did this to ensure that she would be fully occupied. Now she is fully occupied running her chilli grinding machine, rice noodles machine and flour mill based on seasonal demand as well as attending to her petty shop. She today earns Rs. 6000 a month after paying all her loan installments.

Success Story of Rudramma

She took a 10,000 Rs. loan from Chaitanya in Nov 2010 and invested in a petty shop. Rudramma was also selling vegetables in the weekly village market. Once Rudramma knew that she would be eligible for another loan she planned to invest in a permanent vegetable selling business and in Dec 2011, she borrowed Rs. 20,000 from Chaitanya for this purpose. In the next year, 2012 she borrowed a further Rs. 25,000 and invested in a tyre repair shop at the same location which her husband would run. Since starting their business, their income has gradually risen from Rs. 5000 a month to around Rs. 10,000 today.